Minsk: Authorities Prohibit Rock Concert in Honor of State Sovereignty Declaration

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The organizers intended to hold the concert in a traditional place, the Druzhby Narodau Park near Banhalor Square. They filed an application to Minsk City Executive Committee and started negotiations with rock band. Preliminary agreements were received from Krama and Neuro Dubel.

On 20 July the applicants received a negative answer from the officials. There it was stated that it was impossible to permit the concert as preparatory works for celebration of a jubilee of Minsk started in that place.

The concert was just one of several measures dedicated to 27 July, the day when the declaration of state sovereignty was signed in 1990. The organizers decided not to refuse from other parts of the program. 

The deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th Convocation who participated in the signing of the declaration will meet with youth in Independence Square, not far from St. Symon and Alena church. Then flowers will be laid to Yanka Kupala monument and poetic readings will take place there. 

The organizational committee on celebration of the Day of the Sovereignty Declaration includes representatives of Belarusian People’s Front Party, United Civil Party, Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada and For Freedom! movement.