“Liquidator” NGO Denied Registration

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The Ministry of Justice denied registration to “Liquidator” non-governmental organization.

The founding conference of the participants of liquidation of consequences of Chernobyl disaster took place on May 19th , in Minsk.


Alexander Vauchanin, an initiator of the organization, told RFE/RL about the reasons for the denial:


“They reason, some founders of the NGO were not liquidators of the disaster. But these people are the wives of the liquidators. For instance, there is a woman in Miadzel whose husband is bedridden, He is a Chernobyl liquidator. And his wife is a full participant of the founding conference. But the Ministry decided this was enough not to register the organization.


There is also a hidden reason, I think. Chernobyl liquidators have been deprived of all benefits. If they register such an organization now, they would recognize the fact of our existence. Our organizing committee continues to work. We are thinking about calling another founding conference. At present we have a list of about 2, 000 members in our organization”.