Yuras Aleinik to Be Tried on July 4th

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The pre-trial meeting of the parties was held yesterday. The student came with his public defender Aleh Hulak. However, the judge told him to leave the room.

On the requirement of Judge Prakapovich, the representative of the Academy of Management brought all the necessary documents: a copy of the Statute of the higher educational institution, the orders about enrolment and expulsion of Yuras Aleinik, minutes of meetings, etc. The judge removed human rights activist Aleh Hulak from the room claiming he had no right to represent Aleinik in court.

Yuras Aleinik insists, his expulsion is the example of discrimination and violation of his constitutional rights. In his opinion, in order to prove the fact of discrimination, the court needs to look through registers of all courses for 4-year students of the Academy.

Judge Prakapovich said, the decision about such expert examination would be made during the next court session. It will take place on July 4th, 2 p.m. at Kastrychnitski court of Minsk.