Committee for Support to Victims of Political Repressions Established in Minsk

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The committee for support to victims of political repressions has been established in Minsk. It consists of representatives of oppositional parties, NGOs and other public movements.

According to the human rights activist Ihar Rynkevich, the idea to create such a committee was approved by the Congress of Democratic Forces which took place on 26-27 May. The activity of the commission will be oriented on restoration of the victims’ rights and compensation of the material and moral harm done to them.

The event was timed to the session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. According to Rynkevich, the question of Belarus will be considered there as well. That’s why the organizational committee adopted a special statement about the necessity of ‘adequate actions’ of the civil society against persecution of political opponents by the Belarusian authorities. The documents appreciates the positive role of the special rapporteur on Belarus Adrian Severin and points that human rights and liberties continue to be violated in Belarus and courts and lawyers are still dependent on the state. That’s why the committee calls the session participants to preserve the institute and the mandate of the special rapporteur on human rights in Belarus at the UN Human Rights Council.