Two Democratic Activists Fined

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Democratic activists Aleh Boryn and Aliaksei Valabuyeu were fined around 15 and 70 US dollars respectively.

On September 18 Aleh Boryn, leader of the local Christian conservative Party BPF, and youth activists Aliaksei Valabuyeu were tried in Salihorsk. They were detained on September 15 and accused of using foul language (Article 156 of the Code of Administrative Violations). Judge Valiantsina Lapina presided at the hearing.

In the beginning of the trial both democratic activists pled not guilty and requested to invite witnesses to the trial. That is why the hearings were postponed for several hours. In the afternoon the judge listened to the evidence of police officers and ruled to fine Aliaksei Valabuyeu about 70 US dollars, and Aleh Boryn – about 15 US dollars. After that they were released.

Aliaksei Valabuyeu believes it was a preventive detention: “I was just walking on the street. I didn’t do anything bad. They caught me in the middle of the street. I was on my way home from work. They came up to me and claimed I was a drug dealer. They took away my cell phone. By the way, they did not return a sim-card from it – they claim they’ve lost it somewhere. The same very day the police arrested Young Front leader Zmitser Dashkevich. The next day, the 16th, I was planning to go to Minsk and participate in the opposition event. I think the detention was some kind of preventive measure”, -- he told to RFE/RL.

Aleh Boryn also does not agree with the court verdict. He plans to complain to the prosecutor’s office. “This is a dirty falsification. I will complain to the prosecutor’s office, because I am not guilty. I never swear at all. And here they presented me as a roughneck”.