Zeliankou fined BYR 930,000

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On June 29 Eduard Zeliankou from Zhlobin was fined BYR 930,000 for acting on behalf of an unregistered organization.
He was detained on March 13 as he was inscribing graffiti For Freedom!, For Milinkevich! and Young Front. First he was going to face administrative punishment, but later the case papers were sent to the KGB Zhlobin Regional Department. After that he was detained for 3 days as a suspect in a criminal case. 10 days later the case was passed to Zhlobin Prosecutors Office, however it was investigated by Homel police.
During the trial the prosecutor demanded to sentence Zeliankou to 1 year of imprisonment with 18 months of suspension. Nevertheless, the courts verdict was milder  a 930,000 fine.