Deputy Chair of Homel Regional UCP Branch Uladzimir Katsora Sentenced to 10 Days of Jail for Organization of Unauthorized Action

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At night of 17-18 April in Minsk Uladzimir Katsora, the chair of Homel regional electoral headquarters of A.Milinkevich and deputy chair of Homel Regional Branch of the United Civil Party, was detained. According to the deputy chair of the headquarters Iury Zakharanka, the detainee was accused of ‘organization of unauthorized meeting’. It can be possibly connected to the fact that Mr Katsora filed with Homel City Executive Committee the request to authorize the Chernobyl Way action which he intended to hold on 25 April in the center of the city. Before the trial V.Katsora was kept in a temporary isolator.

The chair of Mahiliou branch of the United Civil Party Vasil Paliakou said that there was an unknown witness at the trial. He said that he had paid a visit to Paleskaia Street, 52 and there Mr Katsora said: ‘In any case, even the meeting on 25 April is not authoritzed, it is necessary to come to it and urge others to do it’. The surname of the witness is Kazlou. He came to the trial before the sitting and went away right after the end of his testimony. As a result, Mr Katsora was sentenced to 10 days of jail for organization of unauthorized meeting. He will be released on 27 April, after the action.