Nasha Niva was not included into the 2006 subscription catalog. However, the editorial office did not receive any notices from Belposhta. Nice kind of a gift for the 100th anniversary of the newspaper.

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Simultaneously to the NN, another 12 periodicals, based mostly in the regions, were not included into the catalog.
The periodical will continue on the current conditions until it can, and will be distributed via any available channels. So far the newspaper reaches the readers through subscription and Saiuzdruk, where you can find it. If this opportunity is no longer available, we will deliver you the newspaper using our own distribution system. To this end we only need all of the willing people, both current subscribers and non-subscribers – to send us addresses at which the newspaper must be delivered.
Also, the newspaper has the internet site with a mirror abroad
With the exclusion of the NN from the subscription catalog, a new page in the history of the newspaper will be opened. NN will start to be issued and distributed in a new way.
Dozens of the people telephone the editorial office. It is especially difficult to hear women. Many cry: "We will not be able to go on without Nasha Niva. This was the only paper we could read in our mother tongue". Do not cry, people. You will be able to defend your newspaper. But if you cried, remember these tears. Each tear is a bill, which you will once required to be paid.
Many readers urge street actions of protest. That makes some sense. Let's save up our forces. Our main protest will be that the newspaper remains a newspaper despite anything, and will not turn into a military campaign sheet. To keep the newspaper going, just subscribe to it. Through the editorial office.
To make sure you receive the newspaper, send your precise mailing address to the Editorial Office. Those who will send their address to the Editorial Office will continue to receive the periodical via mail or other method – even if it has to be printed abroad and distributed independently.
This also concerns the readers accustomed to buying the newspaper in kiosks. We do not guarantee that tomorrow the authorities will forbid Saiuzdruk to distribute independent press.
In your notices please indicate the address at which the newspaper must be sent/delivered, the zip code, the house entrance code (if applicable), and the phone number, if possible.
Tel.: (017) 284-73-29, (029) 707-73-29, (029) 613-32-32


220050, Minsk, p/b 537

How to protest?
Please send your protest letters to the General Manager of RUP Belposhta (pr. Niezaliezhnastsi 10, 220050, Minsk, tel. 226-01-73, fax 226-11-70), to the Minister of Communications and Information (pr. Nezaliezhnastsi 10, 220050, Minsk, tel. 227-38-61, fax 227-21-57), the Minister of Information (pr.Niezaliezhnastsi 11, 220004, Minsk, tel. 206-32-90, fax 203-34-35).