Vorsha teachers detained a student for distributing a newspaper, then called KGB and police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Ihar Kazimirchak, the leader of the local Council of youth organizations, was detained in Vorsha while distributing non-state publications. The youth activists were distributing the Young Front newsletter Young People Say YES and booklets by the Belarusian Students' Association among the students of the Vorsha Teachers' Training College, which caused dissatisfaction of the college administration.
Ihar Kazimirchak told the Radio Liberty correspondent that the employees of the teachers' college first asked him into the staff room to find out more about the publications handed out to their students. Mr. Kazimirchak agreed. However, instead of talking to him, the teachers started asking each other if anyone knew the KGB phone number.
As it turned out even the city phone directory did not have this number, so the teachers' college instructors called the ideology department of the city executive committee. There they advised contacting the police. The further consideration of the contents of the publications occurred in the police station, where the officers made a report registering his alleged administrative violation.
The police said that they would look into the case and then decide whether to pass it over to court. Meanwhile, Mr. Kazimirchak plans to file two complaints with the Vorsha's Procurator's Office: a complaint against the conduct of the police officers who did not act politely or introduce themselves during the detention, and also a complaint against the actions of the teachers' college instructors who forced him to stay in the staff room, while deciding where to phone and whom to complaint about the distributors.