Leanid Nevar, Activist of Businessmen's Association Perspektyva, Arrested in Rechytsa

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

According to Radio Liberty Last weekend Leanid Nievar wanted to inform smaller businessmen of Rechytsa about the negotiations with the authorities regarding the introduction of the value-added tax.
In Chyrvonaarmeiskaya Street police blocked a Fiat minivan, in which Leanid Nievar and his wife were driving. The formal reason was that the license plate was not duplicated on the minivan body as is required by law. Mr. Nievar agreed to sign the violation report, but he did not leave the minivan.
Under the direction of their head Uladzimir Manzhos, the Rechytsa police officers removed the rear window from the minivan. Leanid Nievar's wife tried to get the passers-by's attention. However, the police violently arrested Leanid Nievar, accusing him of instigating mass disorder.
Last night the businessman had to spend in a solitary confinement cell of the remand prison. Today the defense lawyer told the relatives that Mr. Nievar had heart attacks at night, ambulance coming to see him three times.
The Rechytsa court is to hear an administrative case against the arrested businessman Nievar. Now, he is accused of disorderly conduct and insubordination to the police. If found guilty, the defendant may be either fined or put in prison for 15 days.
Rechytsa businessmen believe that Leanid Nievar's isolation is to do with tomorrow's strike of the businessmen against the introduction of the value-added tax and other discriminatory measures against smaller businessmen.