Professor Bandazhewski Directed to Hospital

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Several months ago the restraint to the former rector of Homel Medical Institute, professor Bandazhewski was changed – he was released from prison, but directed to the village of Hezhaly (situated in Lida district) to work there as night watchman at a depository. He has to spend there about two years. It is the fifth year of the seven-year punishment to him for alleged bribery. Scientists of different countries highly value the work of the professor, who proved the connection between lethal pathologies and the consequences of Chernobyl tragedy. Amnesty International declared him prisoner of conscience. Yury Bandazhewski is the honored citizen of several French cities.

When Mr. Bandazhewski felt bad, the administration of his colony decided to direct him to Minsk, the city where his family lives. Then he was taken to hospital #1 of Minsk. The doctors diagnosed hepatitis and are investigating the origin of the virus. They call the state of his health satisfactory and refuse to comment on it.

The professor’s wife Halina Bandazhewskaya said:

-- He has always had problems with his stomach. Now he has exacerbation. The doctors found chronic hepatitis and now investigate the reason. There’s a chronic process in his liver… My husband could be infected during the recent medical operation Taking into consideration that he is not a dipsomaniac, it is most probably viral hepatitis.