Biaroza: establishment of PECs takes just 6 minutes

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Biaroza District Executive Committee held a record short sitting to form precinct election commissions for the upcoming parliamentary election – it lasted for just six minutes.

The head of the organization and personnel department of the Biaroza District Executive Committee Vital Mshar asked whether the present officials had the lists of nominees to the commissions at hand and received a unanimous positive answer. “Let us vote!” said Vasil Mshar.

Nobody had any objections or personal opinions concerning the choice of members for the commissions. It was stated that the age, experience, labor record and personal qualities were taken into account during the choice of the commissions' staff.

4 representatives of the Belarusian Popular Front who had worked there during the last presidential election were included in the PECs, and 6 more weren't included.

The Pinsk District Executive Committee held analogical sitting for 12 minutes – without any voting at all. It was just announced how many people were included in the commissions and which way they were nominated to them. As it was found, no parties (including pro-governmental ones) nominated any representatives to the PECs. There are 290 nominees of pro-governmental civil organizations among the 558 members of the newly formed commissions. The announced criteria for their choice are the same with that of the Biaroza DEC.

The sitting at the Ivatsevichy District Executive Committee lasted for about 90 minutes. Though all candidacies were discussed, according to long-term observer of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Stanislau Khaladovich, the 90% of the new PECs' members worked at the same commissions during the last presidential election.

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