Pinsk observer appeals against early agitation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Yarashuk, registered as an observer at Pinsk village election constituency #15, filed an appeal to the commission against early agitation for prospective candidate Aliaksandr Paleichuk.

The Pinsk TV and Radio Company “Pinsk” showed the process of his nomination by the labor collectives of “Lapatsina” and “Lasitsk” enterprises. By the way, Paleichuk has headed “Lapatsina” for 25 years.

The TV report with elements was agitation was broadcast on air at least twice. Moreover, it was uploaded to the “Pinsk” website in text format.

Here's an excerpt from the text version: “All those who took floor at the assembly said much good about Aliaksandr Paleichuk, thanked him for the labor conditions created by him and worthy salaries, for taking care about people and doing much to increase their welfare. The agriculturists expressed the hope that he will also do everything possible for their improvement of their life at the highest legislative organ of the country.

The commission didn't have to count the votes for a long time – the opinion was unanimous – he is worth it!”

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