Nomination of communists: 40 from “Fair World” and 30 – from Communist Party of Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The oppositional leftist party “Fair World” nominated 40 people as prospective candidates for the Parliament.

According to a member of its Central Committee Siarhei Vazniak, the party has four aims at the election – to represent itself as a real political force and an alternative of political and social development, increase the level of recognition and support in the society, achieve the liberation and rehabilitation of political prisoners and inform the society about the pace of the electoral process in Belarus. Candidates of the “Fair World” decided to run in the elections until the end, which means they won't withdraw their candidacies on the eve of the voting.

The party nominated 89 representatives for participation in the work of constituency election commissions, but just 27 were included in the commissions. 238 people were nominated to precinct election commissions. “As witnessed by the previous election, the main election process takes pace at precinct commissions: the organization of the voting, the counting of votes and the highest probability of manipulations. That's why I think that here the process of denials to members of our party and other representatives of democratic forces will be considerably higher,” commented the deputy head of the “Fair World” Valery Ukhnaliou.

At its last assembly the pro-governmental Communists Party of Belarus nominated 30 people as prospective candidates for the Parliament. According to the member of the Central Committee of the CPB Valiantsina Leanenka, the party already has members in constituency election commissions and in the Central Election Commission. It also intends to nominate members to polling election commissions and direct observers.

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