Opposition activist Pashkevich facing warning against early electioneering

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Mikhail Pashkevich, a member of the “Tell the Truth!” movement who intends to run in September’s House of Representatives elections in Minsk, is facing a warning against early electioneering.

Officials of the election commission in Kupalawskaya Electoral District No. 95 charged Mr. Pashkevich with the offense after checking on members of his nomination group gathering ballot-access signatures for him on the street on July 30.

“They accused me of early electioneering over what they said a non-standard format of my curriculum vitae and the banner of the “Tell the Truth!” movement displayed by the signature gatherers,” Mr. Pashkevich told BelaPAN.

“I insisted that they should show me the article of the Electoral Code that I had allegedly violated,” said the activist. “After carrying out a tedious, but unsuccessful search for a provision of the Electoral Code or the central election commission’s guidelines banning the use of emblems and consulting a legal expert, the district election commission phoned the central election commission to ask it for help. The central election commission thought hard but failed to come up with anything better than recommending the officials to apply to the justice ministry for an explanation as to whether the banner is a registered emblem.”

The district election commission was to decide on Tuesday whether to issue the formal warning to Mr. Pashkevich.

“The incident is indicative of the qualifications and experience that the local election authorities have,” said Mr. Pashkevich. “They first draw up a charge sheet and only then try to find an electoral provision to substantiate it.”

Mr. Pashkevich added that his nomination group had already collected the 1000 voter signatures required for his registration as a parliamentary candidate.