Babruisk media promote pro-government candidates

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Campaign photo of Maksim Subotkin

Campaign photo of Maksim Subotkin

The state-owned newspapers of Babruisk have launched a traditional campaign of promoting local officials and heads of major enterprises who have announced their run in the forthcoming elections.

In particular, the Babruiskaye Zhytssio weekly published an interview with Mrs. Alena Shamal, member of the House of Representatives, who is said to be running for Parliament again. Another pro-government candidate actively advertised by the state-run press is Mikalai Plaksitski, head of ideology department of local clothing factory, who used to chair the district’s constituency election commission during the 2010 presidential election.

Maksim Subotkin, member of the town council and deputy head of the Shynnik hockey club, announced his participation in the campaign through the social networks. However, publications advertising the future candidate appeared on the Internet a few months before.


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