Teachers are forcibly included to the pro-governmental parties

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

So, Minsk teachers are prepared to be nominated for the observers of the upcoming “parliament elections”.

Representatives of district departments of education visit Minsk schools where they organize mass recruitment of teachers to the Belarusian pro-governmental parties like “Belarusian Social Sports Party” or “Republican Party of Labor and Justice”. Such situation has been confirmed in gymnasium #56, but teachers are saying that their colleagues in other schools also received such “invitations”. The representatives of district departments of education explain that in contrary to “a member of the party”, “an observer-teacher” sounds undignified.

It seems that the authorities are going to demonstrate that not only the representatives of the labor collectives and pro-governmental social organizations but also the members of various political parties will present among the observers of “parliament elections.

Gymnasium #56 is situated on Voronyanskaya Street. It takes 564th place in the ranking of best Belarusian schools. On the website of the Gymnasium is stated the following: “The majority of pupils of 1-7 classes are members of the Voronianski pioneer squad. A logical extension of ideological work is an opportunity for the pupils to become a member of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union”. It is interesting that the high school students are able to study an optional course “Democracy and Modernity”. The director of the gymnasium, Ruslana Leshchenko was a member of the election committee #42 during the presidential elections of 2010. She was nominated by the “Belorussian women union”, an organization of Oktyabrskiy district.