Minsk: protesters against construction of police houses in Uruchcha-2 trying to become parliamentary candidates

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Two most active representative of the group of defenders of the green zone in the Minsk suburb “Uruccha-2”, the head of the “European Perspective” Viktar Yanurevich and Leanid Mazhalski (detained by the police during the people's protest) decided to run at the parliamentary election.

Viktar Yanurevich intends to run at Kalinouskaya election constituency #108 and Leanid Mazhalski – at Uruchskaya election constituency #109.

It's worth mentioning that at the end of June Yanurevich and a group of like-minded citizens actively demanded the resignation of the head of the Pershamaiski District Executive Committee of Minsk Ihar Kudrevich. At the same time, there are some dwellers of Uruchcha who disagreed with this proposal and considered Yanurevich's activities to be politically motivated. Moreover, they point that he is not a dweller of the “Uruchcha” suburb. He doesn't denies it, but says that he lives in the same Pershamaiski district.

The activist is interested not only in the situation around the green zone of Uruccha, he is also concerned with the well in Sevastopalski park and the construction of a kindergarten in the settlement of Uskhodni. He has taken part in the defense of Sevastopalski park and school #70, which the authorities wanted to close down two years ago.

The both activists intend to collect signatures by visits to people's apartments and at electoral pickets in the Pershamaiski district.

By the way, dwellers of the “Uruchcha-2” suburb are dissatisfied with activities of the present Mps. In particular, the local dweller Uladzimir Tarasau stated: “The present member of the House of Representatives I. Misurahin promised us to take all efforts to protect the interests and rights of those who would apply to him at any time. Once we had to address him with a request to help citizens in solving a conflict with the Minsk City Executive Committee and the administration of the Pershamaiski district concerning the construction of two houses on the territory of the green zone at the crossing of Rusiyanau and Shuhayeu streets. It seems that the MP was to have supported us, as we referred to violations of the law by the authorities. The citizens also pointed at a violation of the procedure of the public discussion and the norms of density of buildings. The green zone was passed to them by the city authorities in presence of MP U. Marakhin, and they have cultivated it for 12 years.

The people complained that the district is being turned into a concrete ghetto, the communications are getting out of order, there are almost no trees in the yards, they have to spend hours in the polyclinic in order to be visit a doctor, there are no social and cultural objects, sports grounds, tennis courts and football fields... At first I. Misurahin reacted to their problems, but soon he quickly changed his views, despite showing outward loyalty. And in some time he stopped payng any attention to their requests at all, as they were too difficult for him.”

According to Mr. Tarasau, when the interests of the local dwellers stopped corresponding to that of the city and the district authorities, the experienced official understood that closeness to power is more important than sympathies of law-obedience citizens who believe in justice.

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