Minsk: police confiscate car from potential candidate for Parliament

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

At about 6.30 p.m. officers of the Mahiliou City Road Police Department stopped the car of the coordinator of the “Speak the Truth!” civil initiative in the Mahiliou region Aksana Samuilava. The alleged reason was that she hadn't let a passer-by cross the street at a pedestrian crossing.

“After this the policemen composed a violation report and issued a fine. At the same time they started  checking whether my car wasn't wanted. The controller's office told them that an arrest was imposed on the car according to a decision of the Mahiliou Kastrychnitski District Court of 18 June 2012 and that the car was to be taken to impound. The policemen started calling a tow car, that's why I drove my car where they told me,” said Aksana Samuilava.

The woman says that the arrest car is shocking her: “I haven't committed any offenses and hasn't been summonsed to court this year – and now they arrest my car for an unknown reason. My car costs about 5-6 thousand dollars. What crime should I have committed to get it taken away as a compensation? I am really scared of it.”

Now Aksana Samuilava is going to find out why her car was arrest. During the present election to the Parliament Aksana Samuilava is going to get nominated as a candidate at Pershamaiskaya election constituency #79 in Babruisk. She believes that the absence of the car will greatly limit her activity during the collection of signatures and the agitation campaign. By the way, she is the only democratic activists who decided to run in the city of Babruisk.

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