State-owned press of Brest region promotes pro-governmental candidates

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

One can determine the prospective pro-regime candidates to the House of Representatives by looking through June issues of state-owned newspapers of the Brest region.

In particular, the newspaper “Ivatsevitski vesnik” twice wrote about merits of a member of the acting House of Representatives Leanid Kavalevich. In the article “About New Housing Code” (19 June 2012) he is described as a good manager and law-maker, who cares about the housing economy by working out a new housing code. The newspaper also wrote about the kindness of the MP to children of the Biaroza district in the article “Let such meetings occur more frequently” of 27 June 2012. A similar article, “Journey initiated by MP” was published in the issue of the Biaroza district newspaper “Mayak” for 30 June 2012. Both articles contain photos of Kavalevich surrounded with children. The sudden attention of Mr. Kavalevich to children from the Biaroza district can be explained by the fact that a part of this district was included into Ivatsevichy election constituency #11 for this year's election.

People started saying that the pro-regime candidate at Pruzhany election constituency #9 is colonel Yuli Hvozdz when “Mayak” issues for 20 and 23 June 2012 published articles about the establishment of a special regiment of radio-electronic struggle in the Biaroza district with this colonel at the head.

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