Belarusian Christian Democracy: a crackdown on boycott supporters has started

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BCD) released a statement expressing indignation over the court decision delivered on 5 July against Vitebsk-based activist Alena Semenchukova.

Alena received 10 days in custody for “showing defiance to policemen”: 34 leaflets calling for boycotting the “election” were found in activist's bag, the BCD press service reports.

“The so called defiance is based on a strong belief that boycott or calling for boycott is  the right of every citizens. The court decision against the activist violates her constitutional rights for freedom of thought and spreading information.

This incident and a fine against “Young Front” activist Yauhen Hutsalau for handing out leaflets show the start of a crackdown campaign against boycott supporters. The detentions and trials demonstrate panic fear of  the parliamentary “election” boycott the authorities have,” BCD says in a special statement released on 6 July.

Alena Semenchukova already lost an opportunity to study in a prestigious university in Vitsebsk for her political activity. Her arrest became an obstacle for her admission to a European university – she will miss her admission interview during her term in a detention facility, the BCD says.