Democratic activists of Babruisk boycott parliamentary election

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Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

The democratic forces of Babruisk almost unanimously boycott the upcoming parliamentary election. Only several people decided to run at it. The local branch of the Belarusian Christian Democracy even proposes launching an active boycott campaign.

According to the head of the Babruisk branch of the United Civil Party, his comrades stand for boycott, but two people will try to get included into constituency election commissions. UCP promises to hold an active election observation campaign in the city.

The local branch of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party “Hramada” has no intention to take any part in the election.

“We stand for an active boycott”, says the leader of the Babruisk branch of the steering committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Taisiya Kabanchuk. “This decision was taken by our members unanimously. Of course, we will participate in the election monitoring, but our main goal is to convey the idea of boycott to citizens. Starting from the next week we will file applications for the authorization of pickets and prepare leaflets.”

The idea of boycott is also supported by Babruisk representatives of the civil campaign “Tell the Truth!”. “There are no changes in the legislation, political prisoners remain behind bars, what election can we talk about?” says Volha Pimanava. “We decided not to take any part in it”.

Despite the fact that the Babruisk branch of “Tell the Truth!” boycotts the campaign, their colleague from Mahiliou, the head of the Mahiliou branch, Aksana Samuilava, intends to run at electoral constituency #79 in Babruisk.

“According the reached agreement, members of our party will support Aksana Samuilava,” said the Babruisk leader of “Fair World” Albert Sekerzhytski. “Moreover, we will nominate our people to constituency and precinct election commissions (four people all in all) and will take part in the election monitoring.”

Some other Babruisk civil activists have stated their intention to get nominated to precinct election commissions as well.

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