German mass media: “Execution of two Belarusians is attempt to provoke Europe”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dictator Lukashenka has cynically ignored all protests of Europe, writes Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany).

According to the author of the article, the execution of the two young men sentenced to death for the terrorist attack in Minsk metro on April 11, 2011, was performed hastily and unmercifully. Dictator Lukashenka has cynically ignored Europe’s protests. The fact that a terrorist attack which killed 15 persons is a hideous crime does not cause any doubts. But have these two shot persons really committed it? Lukashenka, who believes that he has a right to punish by death those who are involved in death of others, becomes one of murderers himself. By his attitude to a human life he does not differ much from a criminal, Radio Savboda informs.

The both executed could have been barbarians. But the dictator is a barbarian for sure, Frankfurter Rundschau stresses.

The author of the comment published by notes that the verdict and the previous court trial over Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou, Lukashenka demonstrates to the country what power he his in the issues of life and death. In this way he is trying to strengthen his internal political positions.

As for European neighbours, despite their numerous sanctions, they can nothing but observe that. As long as Russia supports Lukashenka, the West is powerless. Financial aid in response to reforms? Such a proposal was made by the EU often, and – declined. Lukashenka could do without it, as he had Moscow’s support. And he serves Moscow with all the loyalty of a liege man for that. Please tell what other statesman could have taken the liberty of saying that it is better to be a dictator than a faggot, meaning the Foreign Minister of Germany?

The execution of the two Belarusians is an attempt to provoke Europe. “I am the one who takes decisions, and in the way I want it to be,” Lukashenka seems to say. Such an attitude of the leader of a state is unacceptable, and especially in the centre of Europe, the German newspaper notes.

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