Liubou Kavaliova: “They cheated me. I wasn’t allowed to meet with my son”

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Liubou Kavaliova, the mother of Uladzislau Kavaliou, sentenced to death for the involvement in the terrorist act of 11 April 2011, wanted to use her right to meet her son. She didn’t manage to come to the meeting in January, and wasn’t allowed to meet him in February.

On 9 February she filed an appropriate application with the pre-trial prison of the KGB. However, she didn’t receive any answer in the due term, 15 days. That’s why she came to Minsk.

“I came and explained the situation, said that I filed a written application on my own behalf, and another one, on behalf of my daughter Tatsiana. Nobody told me that I wouldn’t be allowed to meet him. I was advised to come on 29 February, a day when parcels for prisoners are accepted. On 28 February I finally received an answer from the pre-trial prison. It wasn’t written there that I wasn’t allowed to meet with my son. However, I was informed that I could write just one more application for a meeting. Thus, I wrote two applications in February – on 9 and 29 February, but didn’t receive any meetings that month,” said Liubou Kavaliova.

According to her, she was told that the rules for the arrangement of meetings changed. Before the meeting in January Liubou and her daughter had mailed applications, and this was enough – the meeting were authorized. This time she was told that she and her daughter were to pass applications in persons, mailing wasn’t allowed. In addition, Uladzislau Kavaliou was to apply for a meeting with the relatives, too.

However, the convict knew nothing about this situation, that’s why the mother sent him a telegram and a letter. His sister sent him a letter to. Nobody knows whether the telegram and the letters would be passed to Uladzislau.

In addition, Liubou Kavaliova was given no answer about the fate of the papers which were composed by Uladzislau and his lawyer to give her a power of attorney – to represent his interests at various agencies, including international ones. The first paper was composed on 7 December 2011, the second – on 6 January. “They don’t give me any answers, as if it were a prohibited topic,” complains the woman.

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