Uladzislau Kavaliou's mother petitions Lukashenka

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Uladzislau Kavaliou’s mother brought a petition for pardon of her son to Lukashenka’s outer office. Her son had been sentenced to death in Minsk metro blast case. In her address Liubou Kavaliova informs that she raised her son and daughter alone. “No one could reproach me ever with unworthily upbringing of my children,” the woman writes. She is sure that her son "could not have committed that hideous crime for which he had been convicted,” BelaPAN informs.

“Without giving evaluation to the verdict of the court concerning my son, I am asking you to recall that there had been cases in the history of Belarus when innocent people were sentenced to execution, and only a few years later the real criminal was found,” the petition reads.

The mother of the sentenced to death also asks to set moratorium on death penalty, in this way showing that Belarus is “a civilised state”.

The text of the petition has been read out to journalists by Liubou Kavaliova on her way to Lukashenka’s residence in K. Marx Street. When she was encircled by mass media representatives, the deputy chief of the Minsk police directorate Ihar Yauseyeu appeared. He stated that the gathering was interfering passers-by walking along the sidewalks. After Yauseeu’s observation everyone went in the direction of Lukashenka’s office.

Having passed the petition, which was registered, Kavaliova informed that she was going to get an appointment with Lukashenka, but she needs to be registered for it in a written form.

Then the woman came to the Supreme Court, where she passed the First Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Court, Aliaksandr Fedartsou, who is presiding in the court trial, a petition with a request to give her a right to communicate with her son. Such a meeting is provided for by the law, it can take place in case the sentence had been enforced earlier.

Today Liubou Kavaliova plans to meet with Dzmitry Lepretar, a lawyer, who advocated her son in court.

In the conversation with journalists the woman said that after the arrest she saw her son just once, on 9 September. Over the two and a half months of the legal proceedings she has received two letters and one postcard from him. As said by her, Vlad (Uladzislau) had not received any letters from his family.