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Mazyr: ex-candidate Tseliapun appeals election results

29.04.2010 Mazyr: ex-candidate Tseliapun appeals election results

Uladzimir Tseliapun, member of the Belarusian Popular Front Party, who was running for the Homel Regional Council in Palesskaya constituency #43, says he does not recognize the election results. On 27 April, he lodged a complaint with the constituency election commission, as provided by Article 82 of the Electoral Code.

Yury Chavusau: ‘The final result is one person’s hands’

28.04.2010 Yury Chavusau: ‘The final result is one person’s hands’

On the election day, polling station #9 in Minsk’s Kurasoushchynskaya constituency #16 was visited by a number of observers of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, the US and Swedish embassies and others. It was due to this fact that the polling station appeared to be one of the few were observers could watch the counting of votes. At the same time, some 70% of local electors voted early.

EU voices concern over local elections

28.04.2010 EU voices concern over local elections

The European Union is concerned about "several vulnerabilities" in the implementation of electoral regulations in Belarus' April 20-25 local elections, said a statement issued by the Minsk-based British embassy on behalf of the European Union's Spanish presidency, as quoted by BelaPAN.

28.04.2010 Preliminary results of monitoring of the 2010 Local Council Elections

It should be observed that the recent amendments to the EC provided for the commissions’ composition being formed by at least 30% of representatives of political parties and other public associations. The analysis of the formation of election commissions showed that the provision was fully implemented.

27.04.2010 Brest Social-Democrats to appeal election results in five constituencies

A number of the Brest regional leaders of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party Hramada, inclusing Ihar Maslouski, head of the BSDP Hramada Brest regional office, his deputy Valiantsin Lazarenkau, Hanna Kanius, the party's city leader, as well as the organization's activists Svitaliana Aliasiuk and Aliaksandr Saldatkin, all ex-candidates for local councils of various levels, are going to lodge complaints against the official election results in the region.

27.04.2010 Mahiliou pro-dem forces report on election results

Yesterday, on 26 April, the pro-democratic forces of Mahiliou held a press-conference, presenting their results of the election campaign monitoring. According to preliminary figures, only two pro-democratic candidates were elected deputies of Mahiliou regional local councils – Zhanna Shcharbinina and Aliaksei Tsiulkou (both representing the Belarusian Christian Democracy).

26.04.2010 No real elections in Homel region, says local Pro-Dem Coalition

Representatives of the Homel Regional Coalition of the United Pro-Democratic forces report mass rigging of the local election results at a press-conference on 26 April.

26.04.2010 Salihorsk: hidden vote count

Two different approaches to vote counting were shown by the election commission of two various polling stations, located at Salihorsk’s school #5.

26.04.2010 Orsha: candidate not allowed observing vote count

An instance of blatant violation of the Electoral Code was recorded at Orsha’s election commission #6. Aliaksandr Kaminski, BPF member, running for the Orsha Town Council, was not allowed observing the vote counting and forced to leave the premises by the police.

26.04.2010 Babruisk: strange calculations by commission members

The members of the election commission at Babruisk’s polling station #14 reportedly rigged the voting results, says candidate Yauhen Vaskovich, who had seen a paper drawn up by the commission members, saying that several hundred ballots were gone. However, after the vote counting the ballots were suddenly found.

26.04.2010 Hlybokaye district: votes counted separately, results not announced

Zmitser Lupach, representative of the unregistered Belarusian Christian Democracy Party, observed the vote counting at constituency #17 in the village Dzerkaushchyna, Hlybokaye district, and claims that although the commission members counted the ballots for early votes separately, they failed to announce the final results to the observers.

26.04.2010 Verkhniadzvinsk: number of invalid ballots reaches record figure

The results of vote counting in the town of Verkhniadzvinsk turned out to be rather strange. A huge number of ‘spoilt ballots’ were found at the polling stations with candidates representing the Belarusian Social Democratic Party ‘Hramada’ – up to 120 per station.

Siarhei Vazniak: ‘I am shocked by the futility of such observation’

26.04.2010 Siarhei Vazniak: ‘I am shocked by the futility of such observation’

Member of the Minsk City Election Commission Siarhei Vazniak visited a number of the city’s polling stations and arrived at a decision that the maintenance of vote counting does arouse much trust in the its results and renders the observation absolutely futile.

26.04.2010 Election campaigning by candidates for deputies of Local Councils of Deputies of the 26th convocation. Analysis and Trends.

According to Art. 45 of the Electoral Code, the citizens of the Republic of Belarus, political parties and other public associations, work collectives, the candidates’ proxies have the right to free and full discussion of the election programs of candidates, their political, business and personal qualities, to campaigning for or against a candidate at meetings, rallies, through media, as well as during meetings with voters.

25.04.2010 Mahiliou: candidate Silkou receives no votes in early vote

Not a single ballot appeared to have been cast in favour of Ales Silkou during the early vote campaign, leader of the Freedom and Progress Party, running for the Mahiliou Regional Council.