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Picks of the week

28.02.2020 Picks of the week

Human rights defenders sum up aftermath of pro-independence protests; UN urged to intervene in cases of repeated detention of Belarusian protesters; Viasna activist briefly detained in Niasviž district

Picks of the week

21.02.2020 Picks of the week

Dzmitry Paliyenka loses appeal to Supreme Court; political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny claims his mail is destroyed by prison authorities; alternative report on UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities presented in Minsk

Picks of the week

31.01.2020 Picks of the week

Death convict loses appeal at Supreme Court; more people convicted over December protests; employment discrimination still high, new research says

Picks of the week

24.01.2020 Picks of the week

Critical blogger gets 8 jail terms in a row; opposition activist faces criminal charges; death convict and family report harassment

Picks of the week

17.01.2020 Picks of the week

Nearly 100 punished over pro-independence protests; government resumes investigation into extrajudicial murder case; HRW criticizes Belarus over lack of progress in key human rights areas

Picks of the week

13.12.2019 Picks of the week

Women's rights activists stage artistic protest on Human Rights Day; critical blogger cleared of criminal charges; more people convicted in election aftermath.

Picks of the week

06.12.2019 Picks of the week

After a summer lull, when only a few politically motivated cases of persecution were reported by the media, the fall saw a new wave of repression targeting opponents of the current regime.

Picks of the week

29.11.2019 Picks of the week

Protesters face charges in the aftermath of November 17 elections; BAJ criticizes state media over poor coverage of the campaign; critical blogger loses claim demanding compensation for "false charges"

Picks of the week: Parliamentary elections in figures

22.11.2019 Picks of the week: Parliamentary elections in figures

The November 17 elections brought both predictable and quite unexpected results. Some of them are shocking, while others are absurd.

Picks of the Week against the Death Penalty

11.10.2019 Picks of the Week against the Death Penalty

The past seven days have been dominated by events held as part of the annual nation-wide Week against the Death Penalty in Belarus. Viasna has collected quotes and photo evidence of the Week to highlight the diversity of voices and efforts demanding an end to executions, both in the country and worldwide.

Picks of the week

04.10.2019 Picks of the week

Observers report record low representation of opposition in precinct election commissions; critical blogger unable to pay heavy fine, begs for community service to avoid criminal charges; Supreme Court sets appeal hearing in death convict's case

Picks of the week

27.09.2019 Picks of the week

Trial of Dzmitry Paliyenka postponed; wheelchair user reports accessibility issues in election campaigning; Tajik opposition activist detained in Belarus, awaits extradition

Picks of the week

20.09.2019 Picks of the week

Opposition leader warned over election picket; trial of Dzmitry Paliyenka set for September 25; REP leaders finally allowed to recover siezed property

Picks of the week

13.09.2019 Picks of the week

Interior Ministry will not appeal ruling in police brutality case; political prisoner Mikhail Zhamchuzhny scores 500 days of prison penalties; Viasna puts online a video about house arrest conditions of union leader Henadz Fiadynich

Picks of the week

30.08.2019 Picks of the week

Viasna activist targeted by smear campaign in Svietlahorsk; teenagers face fines over rally to support rap star; activist suggests introducing agricultural troops in response to new evidence of forced labor in the army