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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viciebsk journalist fined for award-winning report

Freelance journalist Vital Skryl was accused of the illegal production and distribution of media content under part 2 of Article 22.9 of the Administrative Offenses Code for a report broadcast on Belsat TV channel.

Freelance journalist Vital Skryl. Photo by BAJ

This picture shot was declared one of the best in the competition held by Viciebsk regional media center, informs the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Although there was no direct evidence that it was Vital Skryl who made the video, he was still fined 25 base values.

Vlogger threatened with criminal prosecution for video about anti-parasite commissions

Minsk vlogger Pavel Spiryn informs that an investigation of the criminal insult of an official under Article 189 of the Criminal Code was started against him.

Pavel Spiryn
Pavel Spiryn

About a month ago, the vlogger posted a video clip covering the activity of the anti-parasite commissions that determine if citizens are in difficult straits, or can be considered social parasites. The video has already been watched by over 62 million people and received some 500 comments. One of the comments was posted on behalf of deputy head of Leninski district administration of Minsk Siarhej Pavochka. The official then filed a complaint to the police demanding to investigate the insult under article 189 of the Criminal Code - he urged to find the person who posted the comment on his behalf.

Pavel Spiryn was interviewed in this case as a witness. His apartment was inspected, the PC hard drive was seized.

Brest activist fined for presence at mass Jewish burial site

On March 11, activist Vital Kazak was detained in Brest. An administrative offense report has been drawn up under article 21.14 of the Administrative Offences Code (violation of rules of community redevelopment) and punished by a fine of 20 base values.

Vital Kazak

Vitaly Kazak came to the site of a mass burial of Jews discovered on March 6 at the construction site of a luxurious residential complex to see who removed the mourning wreaths and candles brought there by residents. He was detained by the police for staying at the site.

UN working group informed about occupational therapy rehabilitation centers in Belarus

Lawyers of the Human Rights Center Viasna informed the UN Working group on arbitrary detention about arbitrary deprivation of liberty of a Belarusian citizen Yaraslau Gabrynets who is isolated in an occupational therapy rehabilitation center and subject to forced labor.

The statement emphasizes that people who didn't commit crimes but previously punished for committing minor administrative offenses are sent to occupational therapy rehabilitation centers, which is not compliant with the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus providing that citizens can be deprived of liberty only for crimes. Keeping people in occupational therapy rehabilitation centers is a form of deprivation of liberty; prisoners of such institutions are also subject to forced labor.

Dinner at an occupational therapy rehabilitation center. Photo by TUT.By
Dinner at an occupational therapy rehabilitation center. Photo by TUT.BY