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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Banner advertizing the One Billion Rising dancing flashmob in Minsk

Banner advertizing the One Billion Rising dancing flashmob in Minsk

One Billion Rising flashmob prohibited in Minsk

CityDog.by informs that the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs prohibited a flashmob for a world without violence (One Billion Rising campaign) that was to take place on Valentine's Day in the Dana Mall shopping center in the Minsk.

"A major from the Chief Directorate of Internal Affairs called us and said he had seen the news about our flashmob in the media," said the organizers of the flash mob. "He, therefore, considered our flashmob negotiated with the shopping center as a mass event.

Attempts to get permission for the dancing flashmob from the Minsk City Executive Committee in a short time also failed, because the real permission is obtained within 15 days."

Activist's complaint about police misconduct entered into her case file

The Investigative Committee issued a response to the application of Anastasija Huseva who was arrested on the morning of January 21 by the criminal investigation officers on suspicion of commission of the crime under article 341 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (desecration of structures and property damage).

Anastasija Huseva
Anastasija Huseva

The activist filed an application to the Investigation Committee with a request to initiate a criminal case against temporary detention facility and Zavadski District Directorate of Internal Affairs staff over cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment - she experienced a day without food and water, lack of medical care and the opportunity to go to the toilet, as well as ill-treatment, insults and threats.

In his response, the chief of the Zavadski District Department of the Investigative Committee Andrej Matusevich wrote that the application was entered into her case file under article 341 of the Criminal Code, and the arguments outlined in it would be comprehensively examined under the investigation of this criminal case.

He also informed that a copy of the application had been sent to the Chief Internal Security Directorate for an agency check.

Actress beaten by riot police hopes for investigation of incident

The Central Office of the Investigative Committee reversed the order to dismiss a criminal complaint about the beating by riot police of actress Sviatlana Sakalouskaja.

Sviatlana Sakalouskaja

On a New Year's Eve in 2018, riot police detained Sviatlana's friends and beat her with a baton on the head. The doctors of the emergency care hospital diagnosed her with a brain injury, concussion and hand injuries.

The Investigative Committee started an examination upon the victim's statement, but refused to prosecute the police officers.

The Human Rights Center Viasna addressed UN special rapporteurs regarding the case. More than a year later, the Central Office of the Investigative Committee ordered a new examination in this case. The investigation has been resumed, and perhaps a criminal case against the riot policemen will finally be initiated.

TUT.BY chief editor stands trial

Follow the details of the court sessions in the case of TUT.BY chief editor Maryna Zolatava charged in the "BelTA case" on our website (follow the tag criminal prosecution).