Let’s celebrate International Day of Solidarity with the civil society of Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The day was established in 2012 as a response to the arrest of Ales Bialiatski, leader of the Human Rights Center "Viasna" (released early in 2014). “It was important to show that after all the events, civil society activists, human rights defenders, journalists in Belarus are not left alone”, by.soli-day.org said. “And we will continue to attract international attention to the human rights situation in Belarus.”

It’s 2017, and we would like to be happy that the world has changed, becoming more humane and kinder. But unfortunately, this minute the trade unions are being searched, and people are arrested after expressing solidarity with their colleagues, the death penalty is still in place, and so on. After the events of March 25, hundreds of people were detained, fined and sent to prisons. Human rights activist Alena Tankachova (head of the Center for Legal Transformation LawTrend) is still denied entry to Belarus.

Nevertheless, in these conditions, human rights defenders and activists continue to work, promoting the values ​​of non-violence and human rights. Belarus has many civic initiatives and active young people, artists, musicians, philosophers and poets.

This action of solidarity with them is an opportunity to express our support and to show that they are not alone in their actions, as well as to tell the residents of different countries and cities of these freedom fighters and to repeat in different languages: “Solidarity is stronger than repression!”.

If you wish to support the civil society in Belarus, it can be done in several ways:

  • Disseminate information about the Day of Solidarity (information actions)
  • Send a letter to the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry of Belarus with a request to reduce the period of entry ban imposed on rights activist Alena Tankachova
  • Post a photo of you with the action’s posters on social networks with the hashtag #4august #4августа #bysoliday
  • Arrange a picket in your city or country
  • For example, find Belarus in your country and/or create such space by organizing a symbolic “renaming” of streets or squares in dedication to a human rights organization or civil society activist, a political prisoner or an artist – so that at least for one day there will be Free Belarus Square, Vasiliy Bykov avenue or Ales Bialiatski street in many cities (see Materials for the action);
  • Join regular actions on human rights in Belarus (send your request at by-soliday@hrgroups.org)
  • Send photos from your actions indicating the city and we will publish them on our website and share on social networks.
Let’s celebrate International Day of Solidarity with the civil society of Belarus