Maxim Viniarski Fined $800 For Students’ March And “Contempt Of Court”

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The court fined the activist of European Belarus 50 basic units for participation in the Students’ March, and 20 basic units for a refusal to rise for the judge.

“After the break, when the court trial continued, I didn’t stand up in presence of the judge again: my position towards this “judge” remained unchanged.

Then there was a predictable “verdict”: 50 basic units for participation in the Students’ March and 20 basic units for the denial to rise for the judge.

I think that this decision explicitly has a repressive nature.

Everyone understands that this decision is not aimed against me personally, but it is for intimidation of all those who plan to participate in any rallies. It is obvious that even this fine was not able to change my position. They are writing that “the aim to punish me would be achieved,” but in my case it would never be achieved!” Maxim Viniarski said.

As it was informed earlier, an activist of European Belarus Maxim Viniarski refused to stand up when he answered questions of the judge in the trial for participation in the unsanctioned protest rally of the BSU students. Then the judge of Maskouski district court of Minsk Tatsiana Motyl announced that she would open an administrative case against him for “contempt of court.”

We remind that on December 2 the Students’ March was held near the Independence Square in Minsk. By their rally participants wanted to make the administration of the BSU to abolish fees for retaking exams, stop pressure on students, disband the BSU Assembly and set up a new body of student government.

On the next day a student of the philology department of the BSU Hleb Vaikul, who participated in the student march, received a verbal warning from the dean’s office for being absent from studies. Members of the newly established absenteeism commission took that decision at the meeting.