Liabedzka To Stand Another Trial

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The new trial over the events in front of the KGB headquarters is scheduled for November 12. website has been told about that by the leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Liabedzka.

“Today morning I visited the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk in order to take the copy of the court decision by a “political killer”, a so-called judge Shabunia. There I was stunned by the news that next week, November 12, new court hearings in the case over the events near the KGB headquarters on October 29 have been scheduled, – Anatol Liabedzka said. – Meanwhile, I have not been sent any police summons, I had not been offered to sign any report, and no actions had been made by police over this period. However, there is the date of the court already.

The machinery is at full swing, and we are witnessing that the authorities have focused on several representatives of political opposition, and put pressure on them by huge fines.”

As said by the politician, this pressing by the authorities would not influence his activities.

“I am going to appear at the court again, I am going to say harsh and unpleasant things to judges and those who add to the process by such political undertones. I am going to invite representatives of the political corps, for them to see in their own eyes how liberalization is going on after pinpoint restrictions frozen,” Liabedzka said.