Supreme Court of Belarus Refused Registration Of BCD

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On October 14 the Supreme Court of Belarus dismissed a complaint of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democratic Party against the denial of the Justice Ministry to register the party. has been told about that by the press-service of the BCD.

In the court the BCD was represented by a co-chairman Vital Rymasheuski and a Minsk coordinator Volha Kavalkova.

“The denial to register the party is totally illegal. What was happening in the court, followed the pre-ordained scenario. The court dismissed all our motions to summon witnesses, including the ones who had been experiencing pressure from local authorities, and who had been forced to withdraw their signatures as founders. In fact, the court decision had been prepared before the court session,” Vital Rymasheuski stressed.

As said by him, the denial to satisfy the complaint demonstrates that there is no liberalization in Belarus. “The regime is already reaping the first fruits of “liberalization”. Massive violations of the rights of Belarusian citizens for freedom of association and creation of political parties, guaranteed by the Constitution, continue. We are going to inform the international community about that. We also urge citizens of Belarus to unite in order to defend their interests. Today the facts prove that neither courts, nor the prosecutor’s office and other sham authorities are working for defence of common people, but they are working for the benefit of the establishment. No basic elements of democracy exist in Belarus,” the co-chairman of the BCD underlined.