Election commission unanimously votes for withdrawal of accreditation of observer

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Leanid Haravy

Leanid Haravy

A member of the Movement "For Freedom" Leanid Haravy from Haradok (Viciebsk region) was deprived of his observer accreditation and removed from the polling station.

The decision was taken unanimously by all 15 members of the Haharynski precinct No. 15 "on the basis of statements" by other observers.

Haravy was accused of grossly violating the Electoral Code during the early voting and deliberately creating obstacles to the work of the PEC. In fact, the observer demanded giving him the right to put his signature on the stripe of paper, by which the slit of the ballot box was sealed, indicating the place where the ballot box and the ballots were stored, wanted to observe the storage of the ballot box and tried to get access to the documents of the election commission.

Earlier, accreditation was also withdrawn for two other observers of the Movement “For Freedom”, Piatro Markelau and Artsiom Liava.