Car of member of Belarusian Christian Democracy thoroughly examined at Ukrainian-Belarusian border

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Valery Bilibukha

Valery Bilibukha

Valery Bilibukha and his friends went to the Ukraine to buy various goods. While returning to Belarus they passed the Ukrainian customs rather quickly, whereas at the Belarusian border the car was examined thoroughly.

The border guards paid no interest to the bags and the white-red-white ribbon on the car. Instead, they paid much attention to the papers that were lying in the car. There were several issues of the newspaper “Narodnaja Volia” and several issues of the newspaper of the Ukrainian party “Svoboda” that were distributed free of charge during the electoral campaign in the Ukraine.

The border guard also got interested in the documents of the party Belarusian Christian Democracy that had been passed to the Ministry of Justice for Registration. They studied them for a long time and then take them away. Mr. Bilibukha believes that they either took a Xerox copy or took photos of the documents, though there weren't any secrets in them.

After the examination, the documents were returned to Mr. Bilibukha and in 40 minutes he was able to continue his journey. According to one of the border guards, the examination of the car was ordered by some higher authorities and from now on the car will always be examined on the border in such a manner.