Family is tried for “housing picket” in downtown Homieĺ

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Yauhen and Azaliya Hodars

Yauhen and Azaliya Hodars

September 8 in Homieĺ Yauhen and Azaliya Hodars were judged for a picket they had held in the center of Homieĺ. The reason for the picket was that the family received just 48.3 square meter apartment instead 51.6, as was indicated in the contract they had signed with a construction firm.

“We were building an apartment, investing money in it. We were deceived, the contract wasn't fully implemented. We were left without a toilet. Chair of the executive committee Harbachou stated that the remaining meters was the vault under the apartment, though there is no any vault,” said Azaliya Hodar.

After the first appeal to the court the Hodars experienced persecution and defamation, but didn't stop their struggle. They have gone through various instances and more than 20 trials, but haven't gained anything. The family believes that the reason is the corruption scheme, the main role in which is played by the association of homeowners Uladzimir Nikifarau.

“We are fighting against a huge mafia. I went out for a picket after receiving a letter from the Department of Enforcement that were needed to refuse from all our complaints and write that they were unlawful,” said Azaliya Hodar.

At the picket the spouses unfurled a banner with the text: "What kind of "elections" can be there if the corruption is blooming? Legal nihilism - esprit de corps. The courts are a toy in the hands of
lawless authorities. Administration - Executive Committee - Prosecutor's Office. We are defrauded real estate investors! We are persecuted!.”

The picketers were detained by the police and received charges.

According to the court verdict, each of them must pay 360,000 rubles of fine. The couple is not going to appeal the verdict, seeing no point in it, but is ready to go up to the UN Human Rights Committee in their struggle against corruption.

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