Fans wearing T-shirt with Chaser coat of arms detained at BATE vs Partizan match

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The police detained a Belarusian fan wearing a T-shirt depicting the Chaser coat of arms at the match of the UEFA Champions League play-off.

It is reported by Euroradio.

“I was at the stands during the first part of the game. I went to buy water during the break. I returned to my place, and riot policemen were waiting for me. They said to follow them. They said the Chaser coat of arms was banned. I was taken to a bus.

There was nothing awful in the bus. They only called me an opposition activist. They explained that I could attend the stadium with symbols of BATE or Partizan. They would have done nothing if I had had the current state coat of arms on my T-shirt. I went to the game with my friends. One of them works at law-enforcement bodies. He took me home and took my T-shirt. He says I would have been sentenced to a short term in custody if it hadn't been for his interference,” fan Vladimir says.

Law-enforcement bodies didn't react to an imperial flag at Partizan's stands. This symbol is not recommended by UEFA at stadiums since 2008. Fare (Football Against Racism in Europe) network, which cooperates with UEFA, regards this symbol as controversial.