Trade union activist still hopes to prove illegality of ban on May Day picket in Baranavičy

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Ryhor Hryk

Ryhor Hryk

August 14, an activist of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry Ryhor Hryk filed a supervisory appeal to the chairman of Brest Regional Court against the recognition of the competence of the ban on the picket by Baranavičy City and District Court and Brest Regional Court.

Mr. Hryk disagrees with the courts and points points that he had timely implemented all legal requirements: he timely filed the application for the picket to the city executive committee, attaching to it his personal undertaking to clean the territory after the picket, and established a group of three persons to secure the public order during the event. He also entered into a service agreement with the city polyclinic for serving the mass event in the officially designated place. The civil activist emphasized that the official reason for the ban was his alleged failure to mention whether vehicles and pyrotechnics would be used at the picket.

Mr. Hryk said that there could be no talk about vehicles, because there are only pedestrian walkways for visitors in the old city park where he intended to hold the picket. The trade union activist emphasizes that Article 6 of the Law "On mass events" requires information about the use of fireworks and transport only if organizers of a mass event intend to use them. However, as soon as he didn't plan to use such things, he wrote nothing about them in his application.

Ryhor Hryk asks the Chair of Brest Regional Court to check the legality and validity of decisions of the courts of the first and second instance on the civil case, and issue a supervisory protest.