Dzmitry Dashkevich disproves BT TV channel information

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On August 13 Belarus 1 TV channel reported that Belarusian special services had allegedly revealed channel for recruiting mercenaries for fighting in the territory of Ukraine.

The channel was organized by a Ukrainian with the nickname Taras. The recruitment was allegedly implemented by social networks and among "young radicals".

The TV channel also reported that some internet resources, Young Front organization, registered in Czech Republic, had provided information support. Radio Svaboda reports.

Dzmitry Dashkevich, co-Chairman of Young Front, says that the information is biased.

"I do not watch a television, especially a Belarusian one. This information is a full nonsense. If some groups and units had been revealed, criminal cases would have been initiated, so much more that KGB and border committee had been mentioned. But neither me, nor, as far as I know, other activists of the movement were called for interrogations, talks.

The information that Young Front "recruits someone" is nonsense. Like many citizens of Belarus, we have a clear position on the Ukrainian conflict. Russia is the aggressor, which sooner or later will be condemned on the new «Nuremberg Tribunal»? We do not hold any recruitment.

There are some people, like Eduard Lobau, who've decided to fight. It is the choice of every person. It is impossible to say "you should leave and sacrifice your life for a country, although if it is not your homeland". It is stupid and unnecessary. Everyone must make his own decisions".