Kličaŭ authorities terrorize BCD founders

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In Kličaŭ district, local and regional authorities terrorize the people who have signed for the establishment of the Party “Belarusian Christian Democracy”. As said by the coordinator of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy in Mahilioŭ region, Taisiya Kabanchuk, first of all it concerns new people, who didn't put their signatures earlier.

“Those, who have signed several times already, aren't bothered,” pointed the coordinator.

In particular, state officials from Kličaŭ and Mahilioŭ came to a founder living in the village of Dzmitraŭka. They kicked other workers from an office and started interrogating her. The woman was asked whether she had really signed for the BCD, where from did she knew the BCD coordinator and how much she had been paid for the signature. They also tried to discredit the party, its idea and leadership.

Moreover, representatives of the authorities phoned to another founder, who is already a pensioner, with similar questions.

Unfortunately, there is nothing surprising in these illegal activities: it is a common practice of intimidation of democratic activists. Surely, this is connected to the relaxation of the pressure on Lukashenka's regime on the part of the Western politicians, including by lifting of sanctions against the officials involved in the repression, numerous visits and talks. The situation is no different from the past times. Nothing has changed. We will appeal against the actions of the authorities, "- said co-chair of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski.

"BCD will be registered in Belarus. If not under this regime, then after it falls," said the politician.