An action in support of political prisoners held in Hrodna

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human rights defender Viktar Sazonau

human rights defender Viktar Sazonau

Human rights activists from the Human Rights Center “Viasna” and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee held an informational action in support of political prisoners on August 4.

This day is traditionally celebrated as the International Day of Solidarity with the civil society of Belarus.

“This day is important for all Belarusians, as people's solidarity is very important. When people get into trouble, and a totalitarian regime is also trouble, the only thing that people have is solidarity, when they come together and do something together. And if solidarity and support also come from the outside, it gives even more strength, gives people more hope and confidence that they are doing the right thing. That's why we very much appreciate this day as the day of solidarity with Belarusian society, the solidarity of all those who fight for human rights,” commented human rights activist Viktar Sazonau.

This time, human rights activists decided not to take photos, so as not to give the police any reasons for fabricating administrative cases against them, as it used to be done earlier.