Witnesses Finished Speaking at Trial of Leyla and Arif Yunus

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Arif and Leyla Yunus, human rights defenders from Azerbaijan

Arif and Leyla Yunus, human rights defenders from Azerbaijan

The trial of Leyla Yunus was concluded by the witnesses on August 4.

In particular, the head of the Committee for Protection of Oil Workers’ Rights Mirvari Gahramanli was questioned. She told reporters that in the courtroom there is a doctor from the Ministry of National Security detention center, which periodically provides medication to Arif.

Gahramanli was asked about her participation in projects of Leyla Yunus.

The arrested journalist Rauf Mirkadirov was also questioned as a witness.

"Rauf was brought in handcuffs. He has lost much weight. In the eyes and the face there was an expression of a tortured man," said Gahramanli.

Another participant of the meeting told reporters that Mirkadyrov reported that he had long known the Yunus couple and cooperated with them.

Turning to the travel to Armenia, the participants of the project previously discussed and agreed on the rules of conduct in this country.

Fees for participation in the project came to the bank account of Mirkadyrov.

Other witnesses were also questioned today. They included the journalist Akbar Hasanov, an employee of Accessbank and the head of the Women's Crisis Center Metanet Azizova, who is in political emigration abroad and whose testimony was read in the court. According to the lawyer Elchin Gambarov, this ended the speeches of the witnesses.

The next meeting on 5 August will study the documents.

He noted that A. Yunus was made an injection and given three drugs during the hearing.

According to the lawyer, "the court does not promise good prospects."

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2015 August 04 (Tuesday) 11:04:38

On Tuesday, the Court of Grave Crimes continued the trial on human rights defenders Arif and Leyla Yunus.

The court continued, despite the fact that yesterday Yunus suffered a hypertensive crisis during the trial, and the meeting was canceled.

Today, the authorities again did not allow journalists and members of the public into the courtroom. Only four diplomats from the Embassies of the United States, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands were allowed in.

The front door of the court is tightly closed, dummies and policemen in plain clothes pass through the back door into the hall. Near the court there is an ambulance and a large number of police.

According to lawyers, a testimony was given by Sahib Mammadov, a former opposition leader, who is now head of NGO for protection of labor rights. In particular, he stated that he participated in projects of Leyla Yunus.

In turn, Leyla Yunus urged lawyers to appeal the actions of judges, who keep the patient Arif Yunus in court despite his serious condition and continue the trial, although he needs long-term treatment in a hospital. Arif Yunus himself cannot stand on his feet and he is sitting with his head down.

Commenting on the happening, the head of the National Council Jamil Hasanli said that what is happening cannot be called a trial. "Like all the others I was not allowed into the hall, although the authorities call it an open trial. In fact, it is the court of the Inquisition, or at best, a comedy," he said.

Recall that on Monday in the courtroom Arif Yunus had a hypertensive crisis, and he lost consciousness. Emergency doctors recorded a sharp increase in blood pressure and treated Yunus for 1.5 hours until he regained consciousness. The trial was adjourned on the basis of medical opinion that the patient cannot be in the room.

Source: contact.az