Financial investigation department persecutes Mikalai Autukhovich

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According to him, the financial investigation department still tries to appeal against the court decision on the far-fetched case.

Mikhail Autukhovich was recently charged with buying foreign currency from a taxi passenger, but the district court of Vaukavysk found him not guilty. The Hrodna regional court said the case was closed, but the financial investigation department filed an appeal to the regional court against the decision of the Vaukavysk district court. Mikalai Autukhovich says the rules of procedure were violated:

“The complaint was filed by the regional financial investigation department instead of the district department. The court took this violation into account. The period for appeal has expired, but the financial investigation department filed a request to prolong it.”

The former prisoner says he plans to file a complaint against the financial investigation department and demand compensation for expenses on the trial.