The investigation of Yury Zakharanka's disappearance extended

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Civil rights activist Aleh Volchek informed BelaPAN. He represents the mother of the missing General.

The family received the corresponding statement by mail.

As earlier reported, Zakharanka's family repeatedly addressed the Investigative Committee (IC) of Belarus with request to stop the case and provide all the documents for examination. However, the IC has not done it yet.

Acccording to Volchek, after the case is dismissed the IC is obliged to provide the family with document for examination.

"If it happens, the investigation process will be known: who was questioned and his role in the questioning, who were suspects, what was the reaction on our requests (about forty of them). The authorities do not want to reveal their inaction", the civil rights activists said earlier.

He also mentioned that we asked to reclassify the case under Article 128 (crime against humanity) of the Criminal Code. It has no limitation period. But it was denied.

"It is clear that the case will be not dismissed unless the government changes. Sceptics say that all evidence will be lost or destructed. I believe sooner or later all crimes are solved, there are no ideal crimes", Volchek, worked as a crime investigator, said.

Yury Zakharanka was in the electoral team of Aliaksandr Lukashenka in July 1994. Right after Lukashenka's election he became the Minister of Internal Affairs. In October 1995 Zhakharanka was resigned, later in April the ex-Minister was reduced to Colonel of the Militia and dismissed from the Interior Ministry allegedly for financial misconducts and failures at work.

Soon thereafter Yury Zakharanka joined the opposition. In February, 1998 he headed the Security Council of the shadow government. In the spring of 1999 he was actively involved in the presidential campaign organized by the opposition, was a member of Mikhail Chyhir's team, a former Prime Minister, traveled around the country, and organized groups for collection of signatures.

On the evening of May 7, 1999 Zakharanka disappeared on his way home in the Mahileuskaya Street. On September 17, 1999, there was initiated a criminal case under Article 101 (willful homicide) CC, it is still not stopped. The UN Human Rights Committee controls the investigation of the criminal case.