US Department of State about Belarus: Political arrests, abuses, corruption

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In particular, the report noted the the government in Belarus continues "arrests on political reasons and uses administrative levers for detention of political activists", Radio Svaboda reports.

The report presents Belarus as "an authoritarian state", where the "government holds spontaneous arrests, detentions, and citizens are jailed for participation in demonstrations and other political activities".

Among those human rights problems in Belarus, the US Department of State points out abuses by security forces which brutalize suspects and convicted. The judiciary of the country suffers from political interference and lack of independence, court decisions are often delivered in advance.

The authorities also restrict civil liberties, including freedom of speech, press, assembly, associations and conscience; continue to hamper activities of some religious groups.

Corruption in all branches of government is a problem, the report notes.

According to it, neighbouring has also taken many measures for the silencing of dissent. It is interesting that the government "used a law "on foreign agents", law against extremism, and other means to put pressure, discredit and take legal steps against natural and juridical persons criticizing authorities".

The report also says that Russian authorities continue practicing laws against extremism for some religious minorities to be persecuted. Besides, lack of measures is taken to bring to responsibility or punish those bureaucrats committed violations. It stimulates impunity.