Baranavičy: May Day picket ban to be considered by Brest Regional Court

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Ryhor Hryk

Ryhor Hryk

Judicial board on civil cases of the Brest Regional Court will consider the case regarding the ban on the May Day picket in Baranavičy.

As follows from a letter signed by Judge Mikalai Selmanovich and the head of the court of Baranavičy City and District Court Sviatlana Snezhka, received by Mr. Hryk, the trial is scheduled for 11 a.m. on July 6.

Baranavičy City Executive Committee banned the picket regarding to my failure to mention in my application whether fireworks and cars would be used by participants of the event. The court of the first instance sided with the authorities. However, Article 6 of the Law “On Mass Events” requires mentioning the use of vehicles and pyrotechnics only if their use is planned at the event. However, I wanted to hold a picket without using vehicles and pyrotechnics, that's why I didn't write anything about it in my application. I believe that I implemented all requirements of the Law “On Mass Events”, that's why I hope for a objective and fair trial at the regional court,” commented Ryhor Hryk.

The activist added he would ask the Brest Regional Court to repeal the verdict of the Baranavičy City and District Court of May 21, 2015 and issue a new verdict without returning the case for retrial.