Head of Leninski DPD of Mahilioŭ claims his subordinates didn't beat pensioner

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Police colonel Aliaksandr Maskaliou, the head of the Leninski District Police Department of Mahilioŭ, gave a comment to the website of Mahilioŭ City Police Department regarding the beating of a 58-year-old woman by his subordinates, the information about which had been published by a number of Internet-resources.

According to Colonel Maskaliou, the woman was detained by the police in a dormitory in Budaŭnikoŭ Street, where she scandalled and violated the public order, being in the state of alcoholic intoxication. She continued the scandal at the Leninski DPD, where she was taken by the police, which made them use handcuffs and put her in the temporary detention cell of the DPD.

The police officers called an ambulance. The medics confirmed that the woman was in the state of alcoholic intoxication and documented the absence of complaints on her part.

Aliaksandr Maskaliou says that the rooms of the Leninski DPD are equipped with video cameras and the fact of the beating wasn't confirmed after the view of the video recordings from them.

Later the woman was taken to the temporary detention facility of the Police Department of Mahilioŭ Regional Executive Committee, where she spent the night of June 6-7. In the morning she complained about being unable to eat and talk. Several days later she filed a complaint, in which she alleged having been beaten by a policeman.

Colonel Maskaliou said that earlier the 58-year-old pensioner had been repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility: 13 violation reports were drawn up on her, including 4 this year.

The pensioner, Sviatlana Ivaniushava, states that during her stay at the Leninski DPD of Mahilioŭ a policeman hit her with his hands and feet. According to her, she appealed to the police on her own in order to solve an issue resulting from her conflict with her son-in-law.

At present Sviatlana Ivaniushava is getting medical treatment at Mahilioŭ Regional Hospital. She has a broken jaw and large haematomae on her body. She has registered the beating.

Mahilioŭ Regional Department of the Investigative Committee conducts and inspection into her beating.