Journalist of Belarusian Radio “Racyja” banned entry to Belarus

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Radoslav Dombrowski intended to visit Bielavieža Forest on June 12 in the format of the visa-free regime with the first tour group from Poland.

As reported by, at the border crossing Grudki-Pieraroŭ, while checking his documents the border guards put the seal “no entry” in his passport. The travel agency that organizes the trips said nothing about the possibility of the entry denial to Mr. Dombrowski.

The head of the tourism department of the Bielavieža National Park Aksana Bahaleisha told “Racyja” that they were sent the passport data of the visitors in advance and forwarded this information to the border guards who decided the question of the entry of the tourists to the territory of Belarus. “At first he received a permit, but then it happened another way round on the border. It is not us who is to answer this question,” commented Aksana Bahaleisha.

According to Radoslav Dombrowski, on the border his status as “no entry” was given by the database of the border guards. The border guards were unable to explain the reasons and advised the journalist to appeal to the consulate or to the MFA of Belarus.

The group of tourists, which also included other journalists (for instance, a correspondent of “Gazeta Wyborcza”) was let in Belarus, whereas Mr. Dombrowski was returned to Poland. The journalist recollected that 1.5 years ago he had been denied a Belarusian visa.

Chairman of the Board of the Belarusian Radio “Racyja” Eugeniusz Wappa called it a "scandalous beginning of an interesting event": "This is a big warning to all the citizens of Poland and the European Union that there is no certainty whether they will be let in Belarus. The Belarusian side has been stepping on the same rake for many years already.”

Journalist Radoslav Dombrowski intends to apply to the Belarusian diplomatic authorities with a request to explain the reason for the prohibition of entry into the territory of Belarus.