Ivacevičy District Prosecutor's Office warns freelance journalist

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Freelance journalist Pavel Dailid

Freelance journalist Pavel Dailid

In the morning on June 8 Pavel Dailid (pictured) was summoned to the district prosecutor's office, where he was handed the text of an official warning "about the inadmissibility of offenses".

As it follows from the document, signed by the deputy prosecutor of Ivacevičy Siarhei Zhukovich, there has been held an inspection regarding the information of Biaroza District Police Department about violation of the Law "On Mass Media" by Pavel Dailid. In particular, the claims against the freelance journalist regard the publication “Revolt in Sporava: villagers demand to be returned the lake”, at the website of Radio “Liberty”. According to the prosecutor's office, the journalist can implement his professional duties only if he has an accreditation or receives the agreement of the private individuals or legal entities, who are recorded or shot on video.

Thus, Ivacevičy District Prosecutor's Office warned Mr. Dailid about "the inadmissibility of further violations of the law that establishes the procedure for the implementation of activities of journalists of mass media in Belarus". The freelancer, in his turn, stated that he was not going to appeal the warning not to waste his time, as the result of such appeals was well-known and predictable.