Human Rights Humanitarian Mission: diary of volunteers

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”
Aliaksei Kolchyn answering people's calls on the hotline

Aliaksei Kolchyn answering people's calls on the hotline

June 6, participants of "Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine” Aliaskei Kolchyn and Zmitser Salauyou have received 134 calls to the hot-line of the Public Charity Foundation "Station Kharkiv".

The bulk of the appeals concerned details of the the program of “voucherization”. Marharyta Vialichkina continued questioning the displaced at the office of Station “Kharkiv”, following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and regarding access to health services in the area of the anti-terrorist operation: how many hospitals there used to be, how many are still working, whether there is access to primary medical aid, etc.

"During a discussion with the staff of Station “Kharkiv” we found out that the displaced needed diapers for children and adults, children's underwear, children's strollers. Volunteers of “Station Kharkiv” need mobile phones for their work. If anyone can help raise such things – please, write us,” write the Belarusian volunteers in the diary of the Human Rights Humanitarian Mission in the Ukraine.

A paricipant of the mission Marharyta Vialichkina shares her personal impressions in the mission diary, #dzennikmisii:

"Throughout the time that we have been there, I have been having the feeling of another Ukraine, Ukraine before the war and the Ukraine, on the territory of which there are military actions. At the first sight, everything is like it should be: the shops have everything, there are tasty dishes in the retaurants, music plays everywhere. But the silence, or, to be more precise, a certain restraint in the communication of people, is perceivable, as if they were walking on an invisible line. Here you can see young guys in the military uniform going to an operetta. They are met with smiles and support. God save them! One can meet the military everywhere: participants of the anti-terrorist operation, volunteers and policemen with rifles. This is the reality and people are used to it. Tears are also a reality here, and no one will stare at you, the people understand. One can hardly remain indifferent speaking with migrants from the combat zone. God help them! It's hard to hold back tears during a sermon in a crowded church, the Word of God is felt more acutely painful. The reality of Ukraine is the future. A young mother, migrant from Lugans, told me she had decided to cut off all negative things from the past, was hoping only fr herself and was ready to work on two jobs in order to live and raise her child. As soon as she started looking at life optimistically she was surrounded with the same people: sympathetic and unselfish. Glory to Ukraine!"


Human rights Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine started its activity in Kharkiv on June 4. The first group of volunteers are staff of the Human Rights Center "Viasna". It is planned to invite interested persons from other human rights organizations as well.

Marharyta Vialichkina questioning the displaced at the office of "Station Kharkiv"